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JNOD High-TECH Product: Rapid Water Heater

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In the era of continuous product upgrading and iteration, almost every brand will have a new product launch every year. The new water heater has more room to upgrade than the old one in terms of technology, performance and appearance.


Our JNOD is so excited to share our high-tech product, which has dual heating systems: instant heating + water preheating. It adopts the relay heating mode. The system can automatically switch during working. This increasing mode makes JNOD rapid water heater different from the storage water heater on the market which work with dual-mode.

#01 Dual Heating Modes

- 30L large capacity water tank is made from high quality enamel, that is sintered at high temperature and not easy to corrosion;

- The power for instant heating is 5.5kW or 7kW. Easy installation and wide applicability.

#2 Raising Efficiency

- The highest water temperature of the inner tank can reach 85℃.

- Multi-fold capacity to supply more taps with increased hot water requirements.

- Good enough to use for bathtub washing, residential and commercial water heating.

# 3 Intelligence Appliance

- Fully automatic control: auto thermostatic, auto heating, auto refill cold water.

- Easy handling: Touch key, WiFi function with clearly LED display.

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