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JNOD Achieves CNAS Accreditation Natalie

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Warm congratulations to JNOD for being recognized by the National Laboratory, becoming one of the first enterprises with national accreditation laboratory qualifications in the electric water heater industry.

Recently, JNOD accepted the China Metrology Accreditation Expert Review Group CMA qualification review, expert review group carry out on-site assessment with “laboratory accreditation assessment criteria” as the basis. After the on-site review, as well as a month of data submitting, JNOD Testing Center successfully passed the laboratory supervision and evaluation of CNAS n 21st Oct, obtaining the laboratory accreditation certificate of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).

It is our first time to win this honor which marks our division detection capabilities management is being recognized, improve our competition in the industry and also be better to provide brilliant customer service protection to our valued customers.

JNOD Central laboratory in accordance with ISO17025 international standards for quality management system planning and construction, total area of about 1000 m2. It is currently divided into safety test zone, comprehensive test zone, material test zone, salt spray test zone, reliability test zone, noise test zone, spray test zone and other professional zones.

With the support of complete and advanced laboratory equipment, the laboratory can complete the performance research, new product research and development, regular product testing and other work to ensure product development, technical innovation and quality assurance.

CNAS is a national accreditation body authorized by CNCA in accordance with law to carry out conformity assessment accreditation, which is highly authoritative, independent, impartial and international. To obtain CNAS national laboratory accreditation, the laboratory should not only have advanced modern experimental instruments for protection, but also in talent, technology, management to achieve accreditation requirements.

Taking this certification as an opportunity and a new starting point, JNOD will continue to optimize and upgrade the laboratory with the guidance of the expert group in the future, continuously improve the testing ability and technical level of testing personnel, and continue to provide guarantee for electric water heating research and development work, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data, and escort the company to achieve innovative development.

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