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Is it worth getting tankless electric water heater?

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Now a day, tankless electric water heaters are getting better and better, it is a very wise choice for people saving energy bills, approve their financial status. Especially those using JNOD patent cast aluminum heating element, up to 97% heating efficiency will better save much more money than others.

Not decide yet? Then, take a look to below pros of tankless electric water heaters, it will help on the decision making.

Pro #1: Instant Endless Hot Water

Tankless water heaters can provide unending stream of hot water almost instantly. It supplies hot water within 3 seconds without the inconvenience of bulky storage tanks.

tankless electric water heater

Pro #2: Longer Lifespan

For using our patent heating element, structure itself could anti-limescale, the element will not have limescale inside, even in very hard water area, it could still work at least 5-8 years, some even could last longer, like 10 years!

tankless electric water heater

Pro #3: Cut Off “Standby Loss”

Unlike the storage heater, tankless type will only consume electricity when user open the valve, and heating efficiency of our heating is 97%, minimized energy loss, saving energy paid every day.

Pro #4: Space Savings

Tankless electric water heaters are much smaller than bulky storage models, even smaller than gas water heater. Installers usually mount them on a wall in an inconspicuous place in the basement. In smaller homes, the space savings is a welcome benefit.

space saving tankless electric water heater

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