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Is a tankless water heater suitable for you?

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Tankless water heaters are becoming more widespread and the right choice for more people and more properties now. Compared to tank water heaters, tankless water heaters have a longer lifespan, lower operating costs, and a number of other benefits. But how do you know if a tankless water heater is right for you – and if it’s worth the investment?


1. Your Old Water Heater Is Wearing Out

As a water heater gets older, it becomes less efficient. The heating elements and other parts of the heater can get clogged with grime and corrosion, leading to higher heating costs, and poor performance. If your old water heater is wearing out, you may want to consider foregoing the traditional, tank-based water heater in favor of a tankless model. Because you’ll be purchasing a new unit anyway, this is the perfect time to make the switch!


2. You Want To Lower Your Monthly Energy Bill

Instant hot water is delivered on-demand which nearly eliminates standby heat loss. Water flows through an advanced system of electric heating elements, which instantly heat it up the desired temperature. There is no need for the storage of hot water – which boost efficiency dramatically. Tank water heaters hold the water within a tank where it is heated and re-heated until needed. According to the US Department of Energy, a tankless water heater uses up to 34% less power to heat water. Moreover, based on the same study, electric tankless heaters bring in savings of about $44 per year.


3. You Constantly Run Out Of Hot Water

Tankless hot water heaters are rated to provide a certain number of gallons per minute (GPM) – this is the rate at which the heater can constantly heat and deliver hot water to appliances and faucets throughout your home. he chart below shows the range of water usage range and average water temperatures for various fixtures. We suggest using 2.5 gpm for a shower and 1.0 gpm for a bathroom as a reference point in determining your total simultaneous water needs.


Recognize Any Of These Signs? Invest In A Tankless System Today!

If you decide a tankless water heater is the way to go, the size of your home will help determine the size of the heater you need, whether you need more than one, and where the heater(s) should be located. One of our professional, JNOD will assess your unique needs, and recommend the type of water heater that would best meet your expectations and budget. Be sure to ask about special promotions!

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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