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How long should your tankless water heater last for ?

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When it comes to instant electric water heater, one of our biggest concerns is the service life of the product, HOW LONG SHOULD YOUR TANKLESS WATER HEATER LAST FOR? Generally speaking, if water quality is good, our heating element can use 8-10 years is no problem. So how do we ensure our product service life?


Firstly, JNOD with special and unique technology in patent heating element, the first cast aluminum heating element technology applied the patent in China. Our patent heating technology--cast aluminum with long lifespan,anti- limescale and high efficiency . We use the patent to make customers to enjoy the best hot water supply.


Second, we have very strict quality control process. We do 100% test for main parts(PCB aging test lasting for 8 hours), we do 100% test for finished product on assembly line and Comprehensive test bench automatic record the testing data.

Third, unlike conventional water heaters, high efficiency models have lower maintenance needs. Advanced technology is used to produce these heaters. Manufacturers adhere to high standards that guarantees efficiency in hot water supply. It also lowers the need for frequent maintenance.


We always put safety and quality at the first position.

Quality is our life.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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