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A Smart, Efficiency Tankless Hot Water Heater For Tiny House.

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A hot shower or bath is one of life’s little but most precious pleasures. And so, if you’re building a tiny house, you need a reliable water heater. But how to choose the best water heater for your tiny bathroom?


We’ve compiled a list of the best tiny house tankless electric water heaters from JNOD product catalogue today, according to user reviews, personal experiences, and top selling units.

1. Wide Applicability FE-T Model

FE-T 240V Instant Electric Water Heater is the perfect no-nonsense water heater for tiny house homeowners just looking for that simple, affordable solution. Several powers to your choices: 3.5/4.5/5.5/7/9/11/13.5kW, so you can find one to works for your home.


With an installation time of just one hour and a maximum flow of 7L/min, FE-T is also quite smart to adjust and operate with its touch key or WIFI function.

2. Super MINI KF Model

At just 2.9kg and tucked into such a compact frame, KF Electric Tankless Water Heater can be installed almost anywhere you might want, which is perfect for the size limitations of tiny homes. The small size also means that installation is simple and straightforward, so anyone who can read the instructions can safely install this in their home in no time at all. No need to call in a professional to install to help you heat water.


KF tankless hot water heater is often described as the best tankless water heater for tiny homes. Its compact shape means you can easily install it near its point of use, and in just 15 seconds you can enjoy hot water flowing. But the powers to select are 3.5/5.5/7kW, So it is also ideal for sinks and low-flow showers.

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